Since our incorporation in 1963, J & P Construction Co., Inc. has completed over 400 projects throughout the southeast. In over 50 years, we have avoided any default or termination while maintaining an atmosphere of integrity and quality in a low bid industry.

Auburn Clearwell

Demolition of Clearwell No. 2 in its entirety including pumps, piping and concrete structure and construction of a new 0.5 MG cast in place concrete Clearwell No. 4 including over 1,900 cy of concrete; four new vertical turbine high service pumps and one new vertical turbine backwash pump on Clearwell No. 4 including piping, valves, and appurtances; removal and replacement of tube settlers in Clarifier Basins No. 1 and No. 2 including concrete basin wall restoration; upgrade of electrical, instrumentation and control system throughout treatment facility; site work; piping and valves; and new sod and paving. The contract was $3,352,037 with a critical substantial completion of 210 days. The project was successfully completed on time.



J&P completed the three million gallon expansion to WWTP plant to ensure Pace Water could keep up with the rapid growth in the area. In addition to the sewer plant, a 4,000 sf new operations center and hurricane shelter was a part of the $15,000,000 expansion. The project, completed in September, 2008 increased the treatment capacity from 2 million gallons per day (MGD) to 5 MGD.


Dauphin Island Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility

Construction of a new $6,267,433.00 Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility. It is the first LEED certified municipal water treatment facility and the largest reverse osmosis treatment facility in the state of Alabama. The project consisted of: LEED Silver certified energy efficient water treatment facility, 1.3 MGD reverse osmosis treatment capacity, a 6,000 SF equipment and operations building, a 1200 GPM raw water production well and building, 5 miles of raw and finished water lines across the island, emergency power generators, a one million gallon prestressed concrete clearwell, associated electrical, instrumentation, controls, and demolition of the existing facility. J & P installed two membrane skids, high service pumps, RO cleaning skids, finished water pumps, and provided space and connections for future pumps and equipment. All work was performed while the existing treatment facility remained in operation. The existing facility was demolished once the new facility was put in operation. This project was completed in May of 2011.


South Stone County WWTF

Construction of a $9,047,759 new wastewater treatment facility consisting of site development, influent pumping station and force main facilities; influent screening and grit removal facilities; oxidation dich aeration basins, two clarifiers, return activated sludge pumping station; UV disinfection; post aeration; holding pond; plant operations building; standby emergency generator; electrical and instrumentation; sitework; yard piping; process piping; site utilities; and plant outfall. Project was completed in 2011.





J&P has over 50 years of experience of working on Water Treatment Projects from Water Wells to Reverse Osmosis treatment facilities. Water treatment is an ever-changing landscape, and our success depends upon flexibility, innovation while remaining competitive. We provide our clients with quality construction, innovative approaches, while maintaining an industry low change order rate while meeting our completion dates. Our recent completion of the Dauphin Island Reverse Osmosis Plant exemplifies our commitment to innovation and quality in a low-bid industry.


Since its existence J&P has been working on Wastewater Treatment Projects from Lagoons to Membrane Bioreactor facilities. Several cities first treatment facilities were built by J&P and we continue to upgrade these facilities as their population and treatment requirements become more stringent. Wastewater treatment has rapidly changed over the last 20 years with many new technologies created to meet more stringent discharge limits and demands. In addition, SCADA and Electrical systems have become more and more complex requiring more sophistication and training. Our success in this environment is testament to our flexibility, innovation and competitiveness. We provide our clients with quality construction, innovative approaches, while maintaining an industry low change order rate while meeting our deadlines. Our recent completion of the Bob Sikes Membrane Bioreactor Plant shows our commitment to adaptability and quality in a low-bid environment.


While pipeline construction hasn't change much since our beginning, the congestion of utilities has doubled. Pipeline construction is a fine balance of dodging existing utilities, maintaining traffic control, dewatering, slope stabilization, trench stabilization and the list goes on. J&P has installed pipelines from 3" to 54" in a variety of conditions all over the southeast. Be it installing a 20-foot deep gravity sewer main or rehabbing an existing pipeline with cured-in-place pipe, J&P has the experience to complete the job in quality manner.


Pumping stations are a vital part of a client's treatment process and have been a vital part of J&Ps core business since our inception. Pumping stations boost water pressure, safely convey raw sewage to treatment plants, draw water from wells & reservoirs and pump to treatment facilities and eventually pump water to homes. J&P has completed pump stations of all varieties from from 100 gpm to 60,000 gpm and up to 50' deep below the existing grade. J&P recently completed an innovative raw water intake pumping station for the City of Auburn, AL.


J&P is qualified to perform Design Build projects and has both a design team and construction experience to successfully perform these projects.


J&P has extensive experience in performing emergency repairs for clients in Alabama and Florida. This experience includes emergency repairs for process equipment in treatment plants, pipeline construction and repair, and pump station repairs.

About us

J & P Construction Co., Inc. is an employee owned general contractor incorporated in Alabama in 1963. J&P is a leader in quality construction throughout the deep south. We pride ourselves in providing a high quality product in a low price environment. J&P is licensed throughout the Southeast, including Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, & Georgia. Since it's inception, J&P has kept its focus on the construction of water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, pump stations and pipeline projects. We believe in doing what we know and doing it the best we can. In our history, J&P has completed over 400 water and wastewater treatment plant projects with a value totaling well over $400 Million and have self performed the majority of our work.


J & P Construction Co., Inc. (J & P) was established in February, 1963 by C.R. "Brat" Jamison and Phillip M. Phillips. Due to the untimely death of Phillips in 1969, Jamison was the sole owner from 1969 to 2005. From 1963 until 1970 J & P performed residential, commercial and light industrial projects. In 1970, J & P started building water and wastewater treatment plants and from that time on has concentrated its efforts on plants and industrial construction projects. Over this period of time, J & P has constructed lagoons, aerated and non-aerated, concrete lined, plastic lined and unlined; pumping stations, water and sewerage; water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants; effluent spray fields and pumping stations; complete chemical systems; complete control systems; and alterations and additions to all of the above. J & P Construction Co., Inc. celebrated 50 years in business in February 2013.

C.R. "Brat" Jamison Co-Founder


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